Photo by Joey Krebs

Photo by Joey Krebs

Get to Know Me.

My name is Omar Rehman and I love things that are out of this world.

Riding in my dear old Dad’s 1984 Toyota Celica Supra, cars had initiated my interest from a young age and had always driven me (no pun intended) to where I am today.

One of my most vivid childhood memories is sketching a 1989 Nissan Sentra two-door and adding elements that would enhance its physique. As a child, my fascination had become an obsession. The interest had me around anything that would go fast, make noise or stand out of the “normal” vehicles on the road.

Growing up with a few favorites like a brushed aluminum time machine, a nocturnal superhero’s supercar and a talking Trans Am, it intrigued my interest in the entertainment world.The curiosity of these innovative designs is what lead me to where I am today.

Finding beauty in the functional and a romance with appropriate aesthetic has kept me curious. I never want to stop learning and constantly conceive designs that can find solutions for the problems found. Function driving form is a ballad and the beauty is found in the industrial. Design has changed my perspective on the world. Empathetically thinking, to achieve new heights emotionally and physically, the ideal user experience is my ultimate end goal.

I hope to play my part, by disrupting the world, shaking up the norm, and encouraging the next generation. Making a positive impact for one person or the masses makes the entire process worth it.